Hopes and Fears for 2019: Analysis from the export market

What does the export market look like in 2019? Picture: Tim Scrivener

What does the export market look like in 2019? Picture: Tim Scrivener - Credit: Tim Scrivener/www.agriphoto.com

This week we've heard from experts across Norfolk's industries and sectors, on their hopes and fears for the coming year.

Having had analysis from the property and jobs market, as well as hopes for the local economy and small business community, today we hear from the export market.

Matt Legon, the founder of Gnaw chocolate, on exporting in 2019:

'The export market is huge for us, but the key to good exporting is having good partnerships and selling to the customers you want to sell to - and not just anyone who will buy your product.

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'We take the time to go out and meet our customers, to explain our brand to them and establish a relationship.

'So when people talk about Brexit, we're not concerned. Our French partners aren't concerned, and if there are trade tarriffs and a hard Brexit we'll find a way through it.

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'But what's the alternatives? Businesses sit there and panic, they stop investing and stop exporting? When in fact, they might lose two years of trade when there's no need.

'Europe is a huge market for us, and some of our biggest partners are there, but we do want to start expanding into places like the US, and we've just landed a deal in Israel. Businesses need to be confident and pick the right partners if they want to succeed.'

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