Firm hopes to expand into aerospace, defence and medical markets.

An electronic components distributor is hoping to increase business after forming a new division to deal with products for aerospace, defence and medical markets.

Anglia, based in Wisbech, launched the Hi-Rel business division after receiving the AS9120 accreditation, which shows it is capable of distributing hi-rel (high reliability) components.

The new division has already seen the recruitment of two new sales co-ordinators and is expected to boost the firm's �30m-plus turnover in the coming year.

Malcolm Grants, compliance manager for Anglia, said: 'The hi-rel market has always been there, but we have not been able to get the business because we did not have the accreditation.

'Now we are one of the only distributors in the country to have it and we can demonstrate we have the right logistics, storage and transplanting to deal with the aerospace, security and defence sectors.

'Hi-rel counts for 40pc of the business, so we believe it will increase our prospects.'

Electronic components used in the hi-rel market go through stringent tests and checks to make sure they meet the standards needed to deal with the high environmental pressures seen in situations such as aeroplane flight.

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The accreditation means that Anglia can demonstrate it has the facilities in place to maintain these standards at the distribution stage.

Anglia chief executive Steve Rawlins, said: 'Anglia has made a very significant investment in enhancing and developing its supply chain capabilities for specialist high- reliability markets.

'The formation of Anglia Hi-Rel as a specialised business allows us to address the needs and require- ments of these very specialist customers.'

The independent distributor of electronic components, which employs 170 people, has been based in Wisbech for 37 years and has a turnover of �30m to �40m per year.

The company stocks more than 700 million components from 500,000 product lines in the UK including semi-conductors, optoelectronics, interconnect and passive electromechanical components.