Farming heritage will come full circle at Skeyton Trosh

Skeyton Trosh 2016. Pictured with the Ransomes drum are Scott Bunting, Graham Kirk and Tom Randell.

Skeyton Trosh 2016. Pictured with the Ransomes drum are Scott Bunting, Graham Kirk and Tom Randell. - Credit: Graham Kirk

A moment of Norfolk farming history will be recreated this weekend as a rare vintage piece of equipment gets to work on a heritage crop for the first time in 60 years.

Tomorrow's annual Skeyton Michaelmas Trosh will feature a Ransomes AM54 threshing drum, formerly owned by Alan Beck of Hall Farm in Brumstead.

It was purchased in 1943 by his grandfather, Norman Beck, to thresh out the grain on crops grown on the family farm. The last time the corn was cut with a binder, stacked and then threshed was in 1955, when the variety of choice was Atle wheat.

That same variety is one of the specially-selected heritage wheats grown by Trosh organiser Graham Kirk on Tom Randell's farm at Skeyton – meaning there will be a crop available for threshing at this weekend's charitable event.

Mr Kirk said: 'These wheats are grown in order that the vintage harvesting machinery we own can operate with the correct type of wheat the machines were designed for.

'What makes this story a complete full circle is that the last crop of wheat threshed at Hall Farm, Brumstead, was the variety Atle.

'At this years Skeyton Michaelmas Trosh, there will be a crop of Atle wheat to harvest, so once again the Ransomes drum will be threshing Atle wheat as it was all those years ago in 1955 when it finished its working life at Hall Farm, Brumstead.'

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The Ransomes drum – which was also previously owned by enthusiast Jimmy Nicholson of Stalham Engineering and vintage collector Roger Beck, Alan's father – was acquired earlier this year by Scott Bunting. Mr Kirk added: 'The threshing drums are quite rare to find now, especially ones that were owned by local farmers.'

The Trosh runs from 10am until 4pm on Sunday at Brecks Farm, Skeyton, near Coltishall. Proceeds go to Skeyton Church and Village Hall, and also to Buxton Sea Scouts.