Fakenham rector raises concern over food poverty

Rector of Fakenham, rev Adrian Bell

Rector of Fakenham, rev Adrian Bell - Credit: IAN BURT

The rector of Fakenham has expressed concern over increasing food poverty in the town ahead of the opening of a Fakenham Food Bank.

Rev Adrian Bell said the situation for some Fakenham families is as bad as he has ever seen it in his 12 years in the town.

He said: 'We are living in one of the richest countries in the world and I find it very frustrating that there are increasing numbers of people in Fakenham who are struggling to make ends meet.

'People here should not have to worry about having enough food to eat.'

The food bank is an international scheme which provides food and essentials to people in need.

There are several food banks in Norfolk.

It is being organised in Fakenham by the town's Churches Together group, with support from the Trussell Trust.

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It scheme start in October and more details about how it will be run will be announced at the time.

Rev Bell said: 'It's a strange situation because in some ways Fakenham appears to be doing well. Several businesses have expanded and new businesses have opened in Fakenham this year.

'But wages aren't going up and the cost of living is. Many people are surviving on the minimum wage and working part time.

'A change of circumstances can push people over the edge,

'Many different types of people can find themselves in this type of situation. People living in comfortable homes should remember that and do what they can to help.

'This church will do everything it can to make sure nobody in Fakenham goes hungry.'

Donations of food and toiletries are now being accepted at Fakenham Parish Church.

Suggested items to donate include tins of fruit and vegetables, long life milk, pasta, tea, coffee and toiletries.