City College student George explains why being an apprentice works for him - but are apprenticeships good for your business?

George Powles, a catering apprentice studying at City College Norwich

George Powles, a catering apprentice studying at City College Norwich - Credit: Archant

As part of National Apprenticeship Week edp24 is profiling apprentices studying at City College Norwich. Find out here what George Powles thinks of his course.

Name George Powles

Age 17

Course studying - Professional Cookery Level 2

1. How did you become an apprentice?

I applied to Delia's Canary Catering and was taken on after an interview process. I am based mainly in Yellows Restaurant

2. What's the best bit of your course? I am enjoying everything. Developing my cooking skills when in work and when attending practical classes at college. Meeting other apprentices who are like me and learning to be chefs.

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3. How much real workplace experience are you getting?

I'm getting 40 hours a week in the very busy Yellows restaurant during a normal week. Then on match day we can cater for up to 400 throughout the whole day. Catering is a very good career to choose but the hours can be physically demanding but with time you do become used to it and really enjoy those very busy sessions.

4. Is there anything you would change?

Not a thing as I really enjoy the challenge and atmosphere of the busy restaurant kitchen.

5. What advice would you have to anyone thinking of an apprenticeship.

Apply to a good employer. Delia's Canary Catering have been so helpful to me from giving me the opportunity of training with them and also being able to attend college so to gain NVQ L2 in Professional Cookery.

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