Personal Finance: Can I still have a will drawn up during lockdown?

Michelle Collins of Cozens-Hardy (inset) on writing wills during lockdown. Picture: Cozens-Hardy/Get

Michelle Collins of Cozens-Hardy (inset) on writing wills during lockdown. Picture: Cozens-Hardy/Getty - Credit: Cozens-Hardy/Getty

Michelle Collins, partner at Cozens-Hardy, on whether you can still draw up a will during the coronavirus outbreak.


Although most solicitors are working remotely, it’s completely possible to make a Will (or amend an existing one) during this challenging period.

MORE: Personal Finance: Six rules to follow to make better investment decisionsAlthough face-to-face meetings aren’t possible at the moment, we are conducting meetings over the phone or via Skype and sending the relevant paperwork for signature by post.

The will has to be signed by the individual in the presence of two independent witnesses, who also sign the will.

It’s possible to witness a signature while adhering to the social distancing rule; it is also possible if you (or a witness) are in self-isolation.

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You just have to get creative. For instance, you can ask a neighbour or friend to stand in your garden or driveway and watch you sign through an open door.

Do remember that the two witnesses (who can be related to one another) must be over 18 years old and not beneficiaries of the Will or spouses of beneficiaries.

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