Britain’s most (and least) trusted jobs


- Credit: EDP, Archant

Brits trust their hairdresser more than scientists, police officers or the person writing this article, a new study has found.

In fact hairdressers rank an impressive fifth on the list of most trusted professions, if you can trust the data compiled by Ipsos MORI.

Unsurprisingly, Doctors are the most trusted members of society, with 89 per cent of people saying they believe their adivce.

Also ranking highly were teachers with 86 per cent, judges with 80 per cent and scientists with 79 per cent.

At the bottom end of the list, equally unsurprisingly, came politicians, with only 21 per cent of people saying they trusted our elected represntatives.

Coming in not far behind were government ministers at 22 per cent and journalists with 25 per cent.

The nation's trust in priests has fallen to 67 per cent, well down on three decades ago when they held the title of most trusted profession at 85 per cent.

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