Hair salons vow to stay open throughout coronavirus outbreak

Deb Dominic who has now closed her hair salon, Hairsmiths, in the fight against coronavirus. Pic: Ar

Deb Dominic who has now closed her hair salon, Hairsmiths, in the fight against coronavirus. Pic: Archant

A Norwich hair stylist is staying open throughout the coronavirus outbreak with a positive message to ‘support each other.’

Deb Dominic, of Hairsmiths, Timber Hill, is one of several hair stylists planning not to close and she’s trying to spread positive vibes among fellow retailers.

As a result, Ms Dominic has collaborated with other businesses in Timber Hill which are also still open, including Two Magpies bakery next door, Niche Flowers which has a pop-up in the salon, Ginger womenswear, Coccolino children’s wear and Bookbugs and Dragon Tales book store.

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Mark Young, at Swagger & Jacks. Pic: Archant

Mark Young, at Swagger & Jacks. Pic: Archant

They’ve all been donating a gift and a lucky winner will be picked out on social media.

“To lift spirits in these testing times a bunch of us on Timber Hill have joined forces,” she said.

Meawhile, Ms Dominic has been taking various steps to ensure customers feel safe when visiting the salon. “People still want their hair done. I’ve had lots of salons messaging me asking if I’m getting lots of cancellations and there does seem to be an air of heightened concern. Our industry has the label of the ‘healthiest and the happiest profession’ but that was earned by looking at the statistics of how may sick days our professionals take – hardly any and this is due to the fact that on the whole we don’t get paid sick pay; ie we work unless we are really ill.

Hairsmiths, Timber Hill, Norwich. Pic: Archant

Hairsmiths, Timber Hill, Norwich. Pic: Archant

“It’s going to be difficult for all businesses especially those with high client/customer interaction. But this is a time to ramp up the love and support one another.”

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She has given all her staff special aprons with pockets for hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial wipes and disposable cups are now being used for customers.

Meanwhile other salons are also staying open. At Barry Alan, Pottergate, Norwich Lanes, they posted on Instagram a team photo saying: “We are still open and still ready to keep you feeling uber glam. Our cleaning regimes have gone through the roof so please don’t worry. Also our working stations are spaced well apart.” They are asking clients to take a book as they’ve removed all magazines as an extra precaution.

At Stone Hairdressing, Wensum Street, they posted on social media a large picture of Dettol and said: “Cleaned (the salon) within an inch of its life, and will keep it immaculate but please cancel if you are ill.”

At Swagger & Jacks barbers, Orford Hill, founder and MD, Mark Young said: “If and when the time comes that we do need to take extra measures, we will do so in the most reponsible the meantime we’re here for you and your hair.”

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