Age UK Norfolk demands protection for the most vulnerable

People have been asked to keep an eye on the effects of cuts on elderly people as public sector spending is slashed.

Age UK Norfolk today told the government to 'Cut cake not care' as the details of the comprehensive spending review were announced.

The event, which was also backed by Age UK Norwich, included the cutting of a giant cake by former Anglia television presenter Helen McDermott and sheriff of Norwich Derek James. Members of the public were asked to fill in postcards and sign cake boxes, which will be sent to Norfolk County Council social services.

Age UK Norfolk chief executive Hilary MacDonald said: 'Over the next few months we are going to be keeping a very close eye on the cuts in government spending.

'Your involvement is crucial in this campaign. We would like you to tell us your stories and experiences.

'We have got to make sure the cuts do not impact on the most vulnerable in Norfolk.'

She said they planned to lobby NHS Norfolk and social services before they set their annual budgets.

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Former Anglia television presenter Helen McDermott, a supporter of Age UK, said: 'The truth is that we cannot keep people in their homes if you make cuts in the services that help them to stay at home. They are going to end up going into hospital. People of that age group have an awful lot to offer and we should be there to support them.'

Graeme Duncan, chairman of Norfolk older people's strategic partnership board, said: 'I don't think we are going to get more with less...We must do as much as possible and differently with the less that we have.'