Six-hour working days and unlimited annual leave might sound too good to be true but one Norwich firm is set to roll out the benefits to staff.

Farnell Clarke has announced its team members will be given total flexibility over when and where they work their days alongside unlimited leave – one of the first accountancy firms in the UK to offer the benefit.

The firm was founded by Will Farnell in 2007 and now employs 38 staff.

MORE: Do you want to own a whole Norwich street?With millennials making up half of its workforce, Mr Farnell has committed to being a digital-first accountancy business as well as adopting a forward-thinking approach to its workforce.

Managing director James Kay said: 'We are more interested in the output of our teams, rather than the amount of time they spend sitting at a desk.

'Of course, our staff will be expected to continue delivering the same high level of service to their clients, but we don't feel that insisting on a seven and a half hour day is critical to this. In fact, our research suggests that output will actually be improved by having healthier and happier staff, who can work with their clients' needs without being restricted by normal office hours.'

The six hour day idea has been pioneered in Sweden, with a trial in Gothenburg finding that sick leave dropped 10% during the trial.

Mr Kay added: 'Giving our staff control over their hours and annual leave demonstrates that we trust them to deliver fantastic client service.

'Client experience is at the heart of our business and we believe this will only improve with our new working model by encouraging staff to work smarter.'

On top of this, Farnell Clarke undertook a major refurbishment of its offices in Iceni Court in 2017, introducing a pub-themed meeting room, creative work spaces and break-out areas.

Ben Peachment is an account handler at Farnell Clarke. 'I'm looking forward to seeing how the new flexible working arrangements will benefit me and my clients. It's going to take some getting used to, but I think exciting times are ahead.'