Norfolk businesswomen to donate £10k to local charities

Nikki Lamb and Michelle Williams, the founders of Unbound, a design & education agency for charities

Nikki Lamb and Michelle Williams, the founders of Unbound, a design & education agency for charities - Credit: Unbound

Two Norfolk businesswomen are offering up £10,000 to 10 local charities.

Unbound, a design and education agency for charities, is giving 10 local charities the chance to get a £1,000 worth of support each.

The brainchild of Nikki Lamb and Michelle Williams, two Norfolk-based creatives, Unbound's mission is to educate and empower charities.

The £10,000 offer has been made possible through a grant from the Norwich Freemen's Charity.

The grant is offered in three ways; branding, fundraising and support to help charities achieve their objectives.

Nikki Lamb, co-founder & strategy director, said: "Most charities are working towards not being needed – they want to eradicate the cause of suffering that they help treat.

"In the same way, we want to share our knowledge and skills, enabling charities to focus on spending money where it’s needed most.”

Registered charities wanting to work with Unbound on a project that would make a real difference to their organisation or beneficiaries are invited to apply for support via their website.

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The only requirement for application is that the charity’s beneficiaries must be within a 20-mile radius of City Hall.

Applications for the funding close on November 30 and those successful will be notified by December 7.

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