The Norfolk Broads are famed for their tranquility.

But away from the peaceful rivers themselves, the management of the waterways has become a focal point of vitriol and anger online.

The Broads Authority has said it is facing a barrage of abuse from Facebook users, with its account being inundated with profanity-laden comments and offensive remarks in recent weeks.

Eastern Daily Press: The Broads Authority officesThe Broads Authority offices

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It has since called for better behaviour and has said this abuse "will not be tolerated" and that it will take action to block people behind the online attacks.

Posting to Facebook, the BA said: "In recent weeks, the team who monitor and respond to queries on our social media pages have dealt with a number of incidents of abuse including offensive remarks, swearing, repetitive spam comments and personal comments directed towards specific members of staff.

"Whether expressing an opinion on something, sharing an experience or asking a question, we expect people interacting with us (and each other) on our page to do so with respect and courtesy.

"As is the same if someone verbally abuses our staff in person, incidents of abuse will not be tolerated and we maintain the right to block individuals doing so from our Facebook page."

Eastern Daily Press: The Broads Authority statement posted on FacebookThe Broads Authority statement posted on Facebook (Image: Facebook)

The statement follows a period of animosity between some boaters and the organisation, who have complained about having to pay increased toll fees.

The issue has led boat hire firms to lodge an official complaint with the government, arguing the high costs are pushing them into financial difficulties.

Its finances have also come under scrutiny amid a rift between two groups, characterised as the Navvies - who think the Broads should focus more of its resources on navigation - and the Parkies, who are more concerned about the Authority's national park responsibilities, such as conservation and tourism.

The BA urged people to contact them directly if they need to report an incident or have an issue, rather than using Facebook.