Richard Porritt, editor of the EDP, tells us why the Norfolk Business Festival, which runs from April 15-26, is the perfect platform to give Norfolk business a voice.

Our region stands at a crossroads. The world never stands still.  The only thing we  can be certain of in business is that everything changes, all the time. 

What we all have to ensure is that we are ready and willing to capitalise on those changes. 

And I am confident we can – but the opportunities will not simple fall into our lap. So, the hard graft starts here.

We bounced back from the Covid lockdown and the unprecedented disruption of the pandemic better than most. We have, by and large, weathered the storm of the cost-of-living crisis.

But now comes the next stage – pressing hard on the accelerator and securing this region’s prosperity for generations to come.

Now for some hard truths. In the past Norfolk has rested on its laurels. We have let opportunities pass us by. We have lacked the ambition of some other regions. 

It’s understandable to a degree. We are blessed with generally good living standards, beautiful countryside and a thriving city. 

But times have changed and continue to change at a dizzying pace. And we cannot sit back and smugly look on as the Midlands and the North fight for the scraps. We are now very squarely in the scrap – and we need to toughen up and even get nasty.

Together we will be stronger.

And what better place to kick off than the inaugural Eastern Daily Press Business Festival?
This series of events will give the business community the chance to come together, network, share best practice and strategise. 

It is at precisely these types of gatherings that the next truly disruptive and revolutionary ideas will be born.

Since 1870 the EDP has been a champion of innovation and hard work. We are proud to continue to give a voice to our incredible businesses.

This festival is the latest, and perhaps boldest, iteration of that commitment. It will allow our voice to be heard even louder. It will enable us to send a message loud and clear to Westminster and beyond: The East is rising.  

The two-week Norfolk Business Festival runs from April 15-26 and will include free-to-attend events, bringing sectors together and sharing information to help Norfolk to continue to thrive.

The festival is sponsored by Norse, and supported by Norfolk Chambers of Commerce and Norwich BID. 

To view the list of events and find out more about getting involved, click here.