People in Norfolk will see their council tax increase despite arguments that the hike is "completely unreasonable". 

Households across Broadland will see their tax raised by £5 for Band D properties, increasing to £134.91 for 2024/25.

Broadland Council said it has encountered "severe pressures" over the last year and the overall council tax increase was necessary to keep pace with expenditure pressures. 

However, the opposition Conservative group argued that the decision was "unnecessary" and proposed that cuts be found elsewhere in the budget.  

Councillor Jo Copplestone said: "We do not believe this to be an acceptable or equitable burden on our taxpayers, especially those living in smaller parishes. 

"There have been distinct signs of an upturn in the economy and we feel that this decision is completely unreasonable."

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The Tories proposed slashing the budget's contingency fund and community grants to allow for a smaller council tax increase of just £1.50, but this amendment was voted down. 

Liberal Democrat councillor Dan Roper said the argument was "what you would expect from the party that subscribes to 'Trussonomics'".

Eastern Daily Press: Dan Roper, Liberal Democrat councillorDan Roper, Liberal Democrat councillor (Image: Dan Roper)He added: "You think that Rishi Sunak has got a plan and that things are all going to magically get better. Unfortunately, the strain on our communities is here to stay.

"If you look around then you will see that many organisations are experiencing their own cost of living crisis - community grants are a very important area in which we can help."

Council leader Susan Holland also said it was "unusual to suggest that our financial situation is improving" given that the country is in a recession. 

People living in Band A properties will see a council tax increase of £3.33, Band B £3.89, Band C £4.44, Band E £6.11, Band F £7.22, Band G £8.33 and Band H £10.00.