A Norfolk council is planning to put up its tax... except in two villages which will get a discount.

People in Great Witchingham and Hellesdon will effectively pay £1 less tax next year because they 'overpaid' in previous years.

Broadland District Council is set to increase its share of council tax by more than 3%, meaning that a Band D property will pay an additional £5 per year.

However, while the increase will apply in Great Witchingham and Hellesdon it will be more than offset by a £6 reduction for Band D properties in the two parishes for their 'special expense charge', which is levied in certain areas to pay for things like street lighting.

Eastern Daily Press: Hellesdon is one of the villages that will see a reductionHellesdon is one of the villages that will see a reduction (Image: Bill Smith)READ MORE: New coastal car park charges on the way as council faces £2.2m deficit

In a meeting on Tuesday, Liberal Democrat councillor Dan Roper expressed concern that the villages were only being given the discount after having been overcharged.

He said: "Even taking into account the increased cost of electricity, we're in the position where these two parishes will see a reduction in their special expenses - because we have raked up too much money in this reserve. 

"This indicates that we have charged them a bit too much in the past."

Broadland Council said it has encountered "severe pressures" over the last year and the overall council tax increase was necessary to keep pace with expenditure pressures. 

It added that further savings and additional income will also need to be found over the coming years as the level of government funding is not expected to be sufficient.

If the plans are approved by the full council Band A properties will see an increase of £3.33, Band B £3.89, Band C £4.44, Band E £6.11, Band F £7.22, Band G £8.33 and Band H £10.00.