The mystery behind how a man broke into a woman's locked car remains unknown as police confirm they have given up their search.

It happened in the Norfolk village of Ditchingham, near Bungay, when a family's ring doorbell captured footage of a man forcing entry into a locked VW Golf without any tools.

Darcy Swanston, the owner of the vehicle, insists the door was locked when she went to bed and footage shows the person struggling at first to pull the door open.

Ms Swanston said no damage to her car occurred during the break-in and her neighbours had also had their cars targeted on December evening last year.

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A Norfolk Police spokeswoman said: "All lines of enquiry have been exhausted and the case has been closed.

"Of course, we would always review any new information provided to us."

Police did not comment on the suspected method used that was used to break into the car.

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