One of the region's largest animal sanctuaries is desperately seeking adoptees for their senior pets.

PACT, based in Hingham, houses a range of wonderful animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds and ferrets.

Some of the older residents are often overlooked when people come to view them - so here is a list of five of the sweetest seniors still searching for a new home.

1. Bunty and Lottie

Eastern Daily Press: Bunty and Lottie would like to spend the rest of their days togetherBunty and Lottie would like to spend the rest of their days together (Image: PACT)

Bunty, 12, and Lottie, nine, are two "wonderful" little Jack Russells that came to PACT after their owner passed away.

They have always lived together and would like to find a retirement home that would take them as a pair.

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Bunty is described as the braver of the two, with Lottie being a little nervous at times when her friend is not around.

They are house-trained and love to play fetch - although Bunty has some age-related medical conditions that affect her eyesight and make her a little clumsy.

The duo would prefer a quieter home without any other dogs but are happy to meet up with friends for social walks.

Any children in the home should be aged 12 and above.

2. Bo

Eastern Daily Press: Bo is a 'charming' and 'loyal little man'Bo is a 'charming' and 'loyal little man' (Image: PACT)

Bo is a 10-year-old domestic short-haired cat that was put up for adoption in November 2023 when his owner decided they could no longer care for him.

A PACT spokeswoman said he is "a little shy" at first but with a little patience and reassurance he grows in confidence and turns into a very "charming" and "loyal little man".

She added that Bo loves peace and quiet and prefers to "navigate life on his own terms" so would prefer to be the only pet in the home.

3. Junior

Eastern Daily Press: Junior is an indoor cat whose new family should understand what that entailsJunior is an indoor cat whose new family should understand what that entails (Image: PACT)

Junior only arrived at PACT in January 2024 but is one of the oldest residents at 10 years old.

He is a lovely black indoor cat who prefers to keep to himself and needs a lot of personal space.

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Once he settles in, he will slowly come out and have a little fuss with his humans - but his new family should understand that this will take time.

He would feel safest if he was the only pet in the home and any children should be over the age of 10.

4. Chives

Eastern Daily Press: Chives loves digging, running around and munching on treatsChives loves digging, running around and munching on treats (Image: PACT)

Chives is a five-year-old Dwarf Lop cross bunny who loves a stroke and a gentle cuddle with the humans he feels most comfortable with.

Chives loves digging in his hay, running through his tunnels and munching on treats.

He can live with families who have children and would love a neutered female rabbit to bond with and keep him company for the rest of his days.

5. Barry

Eastern Daily Press: Barry is anxious but with time will learn to trust humans againBarry is anxious but with time will learn to trust humans again (Image: PACT)

Barry is a little black gerbil who was born in March 2021.

When he arrived at PACT, he had been overhandled and learned to defend himself through nipping.

The sanctuary spokeswoman said that with a loving home, she had no doubts Barry would learn to trust humans again.

Barry loves to dig and is a very inquisitive young chap.