Are you looking for a new four-legged friend?

Here are five pooches at the Dogs Trust rehoming centre in Snetterton who are looking for a new Norfolk home. 

1) Sausage

Eastern Daily Press: Sausage the Labrador spaniel crossSausage the Labrador spaniel cross (Image: The Dogs Trust)

Sausage is a loveable nine-year-old labrador-spaniel cross seeking an adult-only home.

He eagerly awaits his favourite activities of chasing a tennis ball, showing off his amazing treat-catching skills and getting as much fuss as possible.

During sleepovers with Dogs Trust staff, he's been an "angel" with his "sweet nature" shining through.

Although he needs a muzzle on walks, Sausage has become a pro at wearing it and even becomes excited whenever he now sees it.

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2) Shadow 

Eastern Daily Press: Shadow the cocker spanielShadow the cocker spaniel (Image: The Dogs Trust)

Shadow is a full-of-beans three-year-old cocker spaniel who likes to be kept busy.

She's easy to train as she'll do anything for a tasty treat or a tennis ball and would love it if you want to participate in any dog sports.

Because of all her energy, she will need to be kept on her lead when walking due to her high chase drive.

3) Jean

Eastern Daily Press: Jean the lurcherJean the lurcher (Image: The Dogs Trust)

Jean is a super sweet four-year-old lurcher who is bound to make you smile with her silly antics.

When she first arrived at Snetterton she was very nervous but since then has come out of her shell.

Due to her shy nature, she would need somewhere quiet away from other dogs.

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4) Mischa 

Eastern Daily Press: Mischa the Huskey crossMischa the Huskey cross (Image: The Dogs Trust)

Mischa is a calm and friendly 14-year-old husky cross looking for a retirement home so she can relax in her later years.

She came to Snetterton through no fault of her own and has proved herself to be great in foster care.

She doesn't ask for much, just some company and a gentle stroll.

5) Billy  

Eastern Daily Press: Billy the cocker spanielBilly the cocker spaniel (Image: The Dogs Trust)

Billy is an active nine-year-old chap perfect for any spaniel lover.

His loves in life include playing with his toys and doing what the breed does best - swimming and getting as muddy as possible.

Billy is looking for an adult-only home with an enclosed garden where he can run around and let off some steam.