Doorbell video footage has been released in the search for a van driver seen fly-tipping in a city suburb.

Broadland District Council is appealing to the public after they found camera footage of a Ford Transit van dumping items believed to be an air conditioning unit on Wednesday, January 24.

The van was spotted at around 3.15pm driving along St Faith's Road in Old Catton with its rear doors open and waste material hanging out of the back. 

The van also had its registration plates removed.

Shortly after the vehicle was seen returning to St Faiths Road towards the roundabout with Repton Avenue.

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It was then spotted 10 minutes later on Evans Way where it drove to the end of the street and turned around. 

Finally, the Ford then returned to Repton Avenue where it dumped the items before fleeing the scene.

The council is trying to further understand the van's movements to identify it and its occupants.

Broadlands District Council’s cabinet member for the environment, councillor Jan Davis, said:
“No one likes a fly-tipper, they blight our streets and countryside and cost tax-payers thousands of pounds each year.

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"We will not tolerate them in Broadland. If you have any information relating to this case, or know where the waste originated from, then please contact us today.

"It is not just those that fly-tip that are at risk of receiving a fine.

"Householders have a responsibility to ask anyone offering to clear their waste where they are going to be taking it and to ensure they are a licensed waste handler.

"Any waste found dumped that relates to you, could see you issued with a fine, so don’t risk it!”

People caught fly-tipping may be taken to court and prosecuted which may result in a prison sentence.