A dozy fly-tipper has been charged £200 after she dumped an Amazon box with her address on it along with her household junk.

Council officials didn't take long to find out who was behind the eyesore on a housing estate in King's Lynn.

She said during a formal interview, under caution, that she had placed a dressing table and some cardboard boxes for replacement furniture in a parking area and that others had added to it.

She was given a penalty charge of £200 by the council for her part in the offence.

In a different incident another woman who was tracked down by council investigators after she dumped an armchair was ordered to pay £250. She admitted the offence in a recorded interview.

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Sandra Squire, West Norfolk's cabinet member for environment, said: “Fly-tipping is unnecessary, it causes pollution, attracts and encourages more anti-social behaviour and will not be tolerated.

"The old dressing table, cardboard packaging and used armchair could have gone to the tip and been disposed of for free or collected as bulky waste items and cost far less than the fines which were totally avoidable.

“Fly tipping costs thousands of pounds for landowners or the council to clear and that is money that comes from the council tax we all pay. If you have waste to dispose of, it really is cheaper at the tip.”

It comes as claims that shutting Norfolk's recycling centres once a week and introducing a booking system will send fly-tipping soaring have been rubbished by council leaders.

The measures are being brought in by Norfolk County Council to cut costs. Eric Vardy, its portfolio holder for the environment, said "white van men" were the ones behind fly-tipping, rather than general members of the public.