Holidaymakers are afraid to return to a north Norfolk chalet park after it was "almost completely obliterated" in a vandal attack. 

Links Chalet Park in Mundesley had windows smashed, paint thrown and electrical boxes destroyed in a seemingly random incident on Sunday. 

A man was arrested in connection and police enquiries are under way but the damage has left park operators questioning their safety and chalet owners hesitant to come back. 

Eastern Daily Press: Windows were smashed and equipment destroyedWindows were smashed and equipment destroyed (Image: Carl Reeve)

Carl Reeve, 57, has run the park for the last two years and his cabin was one of the buildings targeted but he was "thankfully not in" at the time. 

"I can't begin to imagine what would have happened if I was inside when this took place," he said. 

"The vandal smashed my bedroom window and there was glass all over the bed. I could have been seriously injured."Eastern Daily Press: Paint was taken from a shed and thrown around the parkPaint was taken from a shed and thrown around the park (Image: Carl Reeve)

Other damage to the holiday homes included computers and electricals "smashed to pieces", clotheslines torn down, a metal sign pulled from the ground and children's toys pulled apart.

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The amount of damage caused is estimated to be worth in "the tens of thousands" which insurance assessors will need to fully investigate before doling out compensation.  Eastern Daily Press: Site manager Carl Reeve was thankful not to be at the park at the time of the attackSite manager Carl Reeve was thankful not to be at the park at the time of the attack (Image: Carl Reeve)It is also believed the vandal injured himself while carrying out the attacks due to blood smears on Mr Reeve's chalet door.

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He said a specialist biohazard team is needed to clean it up before the park can be reopened.
Eastern Daily Press: A number of chalets had their windows smashedA number of chalets had their windows smashed (Image: Carl Reeve)

Adrian Warwick, the company secretary, said: "We have major concerns moving forward with opening back up.

"It has raised a key safety issue and many chalet owners are scared to return.

"But thank goodness we weren't open at the time. What if kids were around? It was horrific and nothing short of a frenzied attack."