A farm hopes to build a wildlife-friendly reservoir and a pumpkin shed to store its crops.

Oakley Farms has applied to build both at Oakley House Nurseries at Outwell, between Wisbech and Downham Market.

A planning statement says the banks of the 100m by 50m reservoir will be planted with "a species-rich meadow mixture".

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It adds: "This will benefit pollinator species such as bees, butterflies and hoverflies which will in turn benefit foraging birds and bats.

"The reservoir itself will have shallow sloping margins so as to allow the establishment of marginal vegetation and create suitable conditions in these shallows for a range of pond life."

It says the new building would enable staff to wash and grade pumpkins indoors instead of outside.

It adds: "Storage will be vastly improved with better ability to monitor and control temperature, air flow and humidity compared to the glasshouses currently used, which will improve shelf life and quality of sold goods, along with reducing waste levels."