A member of the so-called 'Turnip Taliban' has revealed he will stand against Liz Truss at the next general election. 

James Bagge, a lawyer and ex-army officer, was one of the rebel Tories who voted against Liz Truss becoming the Conservative candidate for the safe seat of South West Norfolk in 2009.

He has now announced his plans to stand as an independent candidate against Ms Truss. 

Mr Bagge, former High Sheriff of Norfolk, said: "It was clear to many of us years ago that Ms Truss was not the right MP for this area. She appears to have put her political ambition above the interests of local people.

"I have been both disappointed and unimpressed by the lack of attention our current MP has given to the interests of the constituency here in South West Norfolk over the last 14 years, and by her failure to engage in a real way with the challenges which confront its constituents."

Ms Truss was parachuted into the constituency by the national Tory party as she was on David Cameron's A-list of priority candidates.

This caused a split in the local party that was exacerbated when members learned of her affair with Tory MP Mark Field.

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Her candidacy narrowly survived the attempt by traditionalist members of the local association – nicknamed the 'Turnip Taliban' over their conservative views and the local agricultural produce – to deselect her.

She entered Parliament the following year after winning South West Norfolk in the 2010 general election by a comfortable majority of more than 13,000 votes.

Mr Bagge told the Independent: "With the necessary level of support, I will stand as an independent for South West Norfolk and, instead of filing obediently through the right lobby, I will use my time as best suits my constituents’ interests."

Another member of the 'Turnip Taliban', David Hills, was made an MBE last month in Liz Truss' resignation list.

The long-standing South West Norfolk Tory chairman initially backed her de-selection in 2009 but later changed his mind.