A senior local Tory who reportedly opposed Liz Truss standing in Norfolk when he was part of the 'Turnip Taliban' has been named in the former prime minister's resignation honours.

David Hills, chairman of the South West Norfolk Conservative Association, has been made an MBE in Ms Truss's controversial list, following her resignation as the country's shortest-serving prime minister in October last year.

Mr Hills has long been chairman of Ms Truss's South West Norfolk constituency association and was in the role when she was picked to stand for the seat in 2009.

Ms Truss had been parachuted into the constituency by the national Tory party as she was on David Cameron's A-list of priority candidates.

Eastern Daily Press: Liz TrussLiz Truss

That caused a split in the local party, which was exacerbated when members learned of an affair with the Tory MP Mark Field.

While details were on the internet, there was anger, after a national paper published the information, that Conservative HQ had not already informed the local association.

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It led to calls from a group, dubbed the 'Turnip Taliban' by national commentators, for her de-selection.

Mr Hills was among those who reportedly said she should go, but he then changed his mind and said she should be supported.

Ms Truss was then backed by a considerable 132-37 margin and the following year, won the South West Norfolk seat she has held ever since.

Her resignation list, which also includes Tory donors and special advisers, was fraught with controversy before being published, with calls for current prime minister Rishi Sunak to block the handout of honours given the short-lived nature of Ms Truss’s premiership.

Eastern Daily Press: Shirley Ida ConranShirley Ida Conran (Image: Press Association)

Tory donor Sir Jon Moynihan, who donated £20,000 to Ms Truss's 2022 leadership campaign has been recommended for a peerage, as has novelist Shirley Ida Conran, who donated £5,000 to support activity in Ms Truss's Norfolk constituency, according to the public register of interest.

A spokesman for Ms Truss said the former PM would not be taking questions on her honours list but, in a short statement, she said: "I am delighted these champions for the Conservative causes of freedom, limited government and a proud and sovereign Britain have been suitably honoured."

But Labour’s shadow cabinet office minister Jonathan Ashworth MP said: “This list is proof positive of Rishi Sunak’s weakness and a slap in the face to working people who are paying the price of the Tories crashing the economy."