A cat who got stranded on a branch up a 60ft tree in high winds has been rescued by a tree surgeon.

Princess the cat had got stuck up the giant fir tree and due to strong winds making any rescue mission difficult, it was feared she was going to be left up there overnight - 48 hours after she first scampered up the tree. 

But Seth Masters, from Norfolk-based Iceni Tree Care, answered the call to help and deployed his climbing skills to carry out a rope rescue, where he safely brought Princess down in a bag.

Eastern Daily Press: Mr Masters reuniting Princess with her ownerMr Masters reuniting Princess with her owner (Image: RSPCA)

Justin Stubbs, an RSPCA inspector who remained firmly ground level, said: “The RSPCA can't thank Seth enough as this was a very high and technical rescue, which without his genuine expertise the cat may have had to stay up there for at least another day.

"With it being Christmas and it being an urgent rescue, Seth said he wasn’t even going to charge the RSPCA for his work, which was a great gesture.”

After the ordeal on December 22 in Townshend Road in Wisbech, Princess was checked over before being reunited with her owner Sonia Wilkinson. 

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Eastern Daily Press: Princess the cat who was stuck up a 60ft treePrincess the cat who was stuck up a 60ft tree (Image: RSPCA)“I am really grateful Seth was able to come and help at such short notice as he was Christmas shopping in Norwich at the time," she said.

"I’d called out a wood merchant who tried using a couple of large planks of wood to help get Princess down without success and the fire service’s ladder was too short as it is such a tall tree."

Mr Masters added: "I was only too happy to help the RSPCA and Princess’ owner.

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Eastern Daily Press: Seth Masters rescuing Princess from the treeSeth Masters rescuing Princess from the tree (Image: RSPCA)"This tree was way too high to use ladders safely in the conditions, but I was able to climb up using a rope and harness.

"Princess was stuck on a branch - I don’t think she could have got any higher.”