Two dogs that were found abandoned together in January have found their new forever family in time for Christmas. 

‘Best friends’ Chucky, a poodle cross, and Gus, a cockapoo, were terrified of everything when they were found and taken to the RSPCA West Norfolk Branch.

They hated being handled or groomed and were even scared of their own reflections.

The RSPCA team worked with the dogs until they were ready to be considered for adoption in April.

Eastern Daily Press: Their new owners did not think they should be separatedTheir new owners did not think they should be separated (Image: RSPCA)

It was then their new owners Claire and Terry Newman from King’s Lynn, spotted them -  and after recently losing their own beloved rescue collie dog Ollie, they were drawn to the duo. 

Claire explained: "Our house was just so empty without a dog in it.

“Our first meeting was interesting as Chucky just barked at me the whole time, but we made a decision that we would rehome them - we didn’t want them to be separated as they had been through so much together."

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She explained that it was not easy getting the pooches to settle but said it was worth all the efforts to gain their trust.

She said: “When they came home they seemed absolutely terrified of everything, even their own reflection - we had to cover up any glossy surfaces because if they saw themselves they wouldn’t stop barking.

“But now seven months later you wouldn’t believe they are the same dogs they are just so affectionate now they trust us.

“It hasn’t been easy, but they are really good little dogs and they have their own doggie friends and are much more social with people - you just have to go at their pace.

Eastern Daily Press: They are now loving life with the NewmansThey are now loving life with the Newmans (Image: RSPCA)

“People say that they are lucky to have us - but we are lucky to have them and that they accepted us and have let us love them and look after them.

“We are so excited to be spending their first Christmas with them and they are going to be thoroughly spoiled of course and I'm sure all four of us will think it will be the best day ever.

"Although the day Chucky decided to sit on my lap for the first time was like all my Christmases had come at once!”

Carl Saunders, general manager at the West Norfolk Branch said: “When Chucky and Gus came to us, we didn’t know anything about their history - but they were just a pair of dogs who were terrified of their own shadows.

“We cannot thank Claire and Terry enough and their family for adopting them - they really have found their perfect home.

“They came to visit us recently and we were just blown away by how far the two had come - it really was a Christmas miracle."