A dog owner is "praying for a Christmas miracle" and has issued a plea to walkers after her whippet Ada went missing nearly a month ago.

Georgia Chapman's world turned upside down when she was told that her pet whippet had escaped from a family member's garden while she was at work. 

"She was seen running around the village of Aslacton," said Ms Chapman.

"Several people tried to grab her during this time and likely scared her into hiding.

"I left work as soon as I heard and didn’t arrive until 2.30pm, but sadly she was nowhere to be seen.

"Although she is not generally anxious, I believe she was stressed and scared the day she went missing and that she is most likely avoiding people and busier areas as a result."

Ms Chapman and Ada, the whippet, had only just moved to the area at the end of November and so hadn't been there long when Ada went missing on December 8.

"She is unfamiliar with the area and does not feel at home here so will likely not return to the house she went missing from, said Ms Chapman.

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There have been two sightings of Ada since - the first, near the Fox and Hounds pub in Great Moulton by two members of the public on Monday, December 11, and then again in the same area on Saturday, December 16 in the early hours of the morning by an ambulance driver. 

"We are asking people to be vigilant, and look out for her but if they see her not to approach and not to attempt to grab," said Ms Chapman.

"Instead, they should call me on 07709 126211 with a location, and description of what she looks like, how she is behaving and what she is doing."

DogLost, a charity that works to reunite lost pets with their owners, are involved, and live cameras and food have been placed to try to catch a sight of Ada.

"Ada is a happy, funny, and sweet-natured girl.

"She can be timid, which is quite typical of the breed.

"She is incredibly affectionate and loves to snuggle up under a blanket."

Ms Chapman is desperate for another sighting in case she has settled in another area. 

"This experience is so incredibly painful, especially given the time of year.

"My world has completely turned upside down. 

"Christmas Day will be so difficult for us, but we are holding onto the hope that people will be out and about walking and may see her.

"We are praying for a Christmas miracle."