Two chihuahuas are searching for a new home after they were abandoned in a field.

Chichi, aged three, and Edison, aged just 11 weeks, are up for adoption at Dogs Trust and would like to stay together with their new owners. 

When they arrived at the centre Edison was extremely anxious around people and relied heavily on Chichi for comfort.

But with Chichi's support, Edison is beginning to blossom socially and has started to make some friends at the centre. 

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With a kind and patient human taking care of him and providing consistency, Edison's confidence would only continue to grow, staff say.

Chichi is much more outgoing than Edison - she loves jumping up on peoples' laps for cuddles and is very affectionate towards everyone she meets.

The duo would like a secure garden to run around and play in and any children at home should be teenagers to provide a safe and calm space. 

Dogs Trust said: "They are both such lovely little dogs and we can't wait to see them happily settled in a forever home."