A "loving and affectionate dog" is still looking for a home after a year in a shelter.

Amber, a five-year-old Staffordshire Bull Terrier, was sent to PACT Animal Sanctuary after her family discovered they were allergic to her.

It had only been four weeks since they took her in from a free Facebook advert.

When she arrived at the sanctuary she was in ill health with a skin condition that PACT will continue to treat after her adoption. 

Eastern Daily Press: Amber is a loving and affectionate dog who gets a little nervous sometimesAmber is a loving and affectionate dog who gets a little nervous sometimes (Image: PACT Animal Sanctuary)

The sanctuary said: "Amber is a very loving and affectionate dog but she does lack in confidence.

"She can be a little nervous of new people but once she knows you she loves being with you - she just needs time and patience.

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"She is a quiet dog in nature here with us at the sanctuary but we believe in a home environment she could really thrive and be the most loving and loyal companion."

Amber would be happiest if she was the only animal in a home with no children under 12.

But she loves walks and could enjoy being walked with other dogs if they were introduced sensitively.

Staff at the shelter say they can't understand why she hasn't been adopted after a year at PACT.

Could you be the one to give her a chance?