An RSPCA branch in Norfolk says it is in a "kitten crisis" as it has dozens of cats which need rehoming. 

West Norfolk RSPCA currently has 33 cats, 23 of which are kittens, ranging from a few days to seven weeks old.

Emily Cole, the centre manager, said: “We, like many rescue centres, are already full to bursting with animals needing new homes - and now we have been swamped with all these extra kittens.

“We suspect the reason for this is people who haven’t had their cats neutered - now we are seeing all these cats that are still only young themselves giving birth.

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"The RSPCA, along with other cat and vet organisations, encourages people to get their cats neutered from four months old before they can become pregnant, as a responsible part of pet ownership."

To try and revive adoption rates, the RSPCA has launched a month-long campaign called Adoptober.

Adoptober is currently celebrating the wonder of rescue pets and highlighting the many animals the charity has waiting to find their perfect match.

In the spirit of the campaign, here are some of the cats looking for new homes in West Norfolk.

Autumn and her kittens Pumpkin, Spice Berry and Acorn

Eastern Daily Press: Autumn and her four kittens will be available for adoption when the babies have been weanedAutumn and her four kittens will be available for adoption when the babies have been weaned (Image: RSPCA)

Autumn and her four kittens will begin looking for their forever home once the kittens are eight or nine weeks old. 

Autumn, who can be rehomed once her kittens are weaned, is a very sweet, affectionate girl who is friendly with humans. 

All four of Autumn’s kittens are full of energy and love to play and run around.

She has three girls, Pumpkin, Spice and Berry, and one boy called Acorn.

Rocket and Quill

Eastern Daily Press: Rocket and Quinn are quite shy kittensRocket and Quinn are quite shy kittens (Image: RSPCA)

Rocket and Quill are very sweet kittens who are still a little shy.

After gentle encouragement, they enjoy a fuss and will purr away.

Their new owners should be around for most of the day to be able to spend lots of time with them to help build their confidence.