Are you able to give this "handsome" black Labrador cross who is "full of love" his forever home?

Buster is a four-year-old Lab X Collie who arrived at PACT Animal Sanctuary at the start of September after his owners were forced to give him up. 

PACT staff identified that Buster has separation anxiety which causes him to bark when left alone, a trait they say they are "working on". 

Eastern Daily Press: Buster is up for adoption with PACT Animal SanctuaryBuster is up for adoption with PACT Animal Sanctuary (Image: PACT)

The sanctuary said: "He loves his food and gets on well with other dogs but doesn't like to be jumped on by them which is why we feel he would be happiest as the only pet in the home.

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"Buster has lots of energy and would benefit from regular walks and exercise time to keep him happy.

Eastern Daily Press: He is full of love and enjoys learning new gamesHe is full of love and enjoys learning new games (Image: PACT)

"He loves to play ball in our training field and is very good at scent games.

"He loves to learn and is currently a top student in the clicker training class where we are teaching him not to jump up at people when he gets excited.

"He would make an excellent work-from-home assistant."

Interested adopters can apply to rehome Buster via the PACT website at