A group of ‘flood heroes’ have come to the rescue of some of south Norfolk’s most vulnerable people following Storm Babet. 

The torrential downpour has seen parts of the county waterlogged and roads closed. 

And in the Diss area, some of the region’s most vulnerable people have been left housebound. 

Eastern Daily Press: Working through the floods!

Hannah Daley is a branch manager for Kingsley Home Care and described how her team feared not being able to visit their clients. 

But thanks to the support of the Norfolk and Suffolk 4x4 Response – dubbed “flood heroes” - Mrs Daley’s team were able to overcome the worst of the storm. 

She said: “We were worried about how the flooding would impact us getting to our clients, especially our most vulnerable ones. 

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“In fact, one of our team had to be rescued by a lorry due to the flooding. 

“But thanks to the response team, we have been driven to some of the most impacted areas which we would not have been able to reach by foot or car. 

“At one point there was a conversation about having to use a boat from Norfolk Fire and Rescue Service but thankfully that didn’t happen.” 

Mrs Daley added that while the experience had been “very challenging” they were hopeful things would be “back to normal” by the end of the weekend. 

Eastern Daily Press: A 'flood hero' from Norfolk and Suffolk 4x4 Response

She added: “We are just so thankful and grateful to the response team. Without them, our service users would have been left extremely vulnerable.” 

Elsewhere in the county, five families from Attleborough had to seek emergency accommodation after their homes were left uninhabitable.

Traffic lights were also put in place on the A47 to direct vehicles around patches of surface water.