Shiki has been in Norwich for almost 20 years and is highly celebrated.

But despite five years in the city and a huge love for Japanese food, I hadn’t made it there yet. I was not disappointed in the slightest.

Having weathered so many years and lockdowns in Tombland, Shiki feels like a loved and necessary staple of the neighbourhood. While it was very busy inside, the slight separation from the madness of the city centre made the dining experience more laid-back and relaxed. The vibe inside is leisurely, chatty, and calm. 

The music is nice and quiet so that you don’t have to raise your voice during conversation, and the staff are polite and efficient. I could imagine spending many hours there, slowly ordering more food, while enjoying selections from the wide drinks menu.

Eastern Daily Press: Beautiful sushi rolls, expertly craftedBeautiful sushi rolls, expertly crafted (Image: Shiki Norwich)

After we’d been seated, we looked through the menus and started the lengthy debate about what to get. There is a lot to pick from at Shiki. I knew I wanted something warm since it was one of the first cold days of the month, so I stayed away from the sushi for this visit.

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At the end of our meal, Ed and I agreed that we would have to come back sometime to try just the sushi, as this does seem to be the jewel in Shiki’s crown.

I ordered the edamame (£3.5), Ebi Fry (£11), and Curry rice with tofu steak (£11). Ed had the Torikara (£8.5) and the Yakisoba with pork and seafood (£12). We also got two Asahi beers (£4.3).

Eastern Daily Press: Beers, fried prawns, and edamame to startBeers, fried prawns, and edamame to start (Image: Maja Anushka)

The interior design, menu, and presentation of food are sleek, simple, and professional. You get the sense that Shiki doesn’t need any big gestures or gimmicks to win you over - the food does that all by itself.

I find that edamame is always a good indicator of a restaurant’s quality, and these were beautifully fresh and bright, both in flavour and appearance. I would have liked a bit more salt with them, but I’m a real salt fiend.

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The deep-fried dishes, Ebi Fry (tiger king prawn) and Torikara (chicken thighs) were both excellent. The batter was not overly oily and was crispy and crunchy. The chicken was beautifully juicy, and the wasabi tartar that came with the king prawns was absolutely delicious - I would have taken home a bottle if I could.

Our ‘mains’, so to speak, were also very yummy. I had been craving sticky rice all day and was very happy to tuck into my rice and curry sauce tofu steak, along with some nice grilled vegetables on top. Ed enjoyed his Yakisoba, although he said he wished he’d gotten some sushi or something with rice, as mine was so good.

Eastern Daily Press: Curry rice with tofu steak for me and meaty Yakisoba for EdCurry rice with tofu steak for me and meaty Yakisoba for Ed (Image: Maja Anushka)


We ended up spending much less than I anticipated, with our bill coming in at £54.60 before tip. Both of us were very full and satisfied - but could have stayed longer and nibbled on some more bits. Overall, the value was very good.

Eastern Daily Press: Tuna Kara-age Don at ShikiTuna Kara-age Don at Shiki (Image: Shiki Norwich)


We didn't visit them during the evening.


There are some steps at the entrance of Shiki. The vegetarian and vegan options were well signposted.


Unfussy, direct, and non-invasive. We were served well and left alone when not in need of something.


The sticky rice and the chicken thighs - both such simple aspects of the wider palette on offer, but done expertly. They were the perfect comfort food we needed.

In summary

Whether you're a seasoned Asian food lover or want to try sushi for the first time, Shiki is the perfect mix of high-quality traditional food with a price point that won't sweat your budget.