Norfolk's pubs are some of the finest in the country, winning national awards and being recognised for their cosy atmosphere and great food.

But what do punters think of them?

Here are five hilarious Tripadvisor reviews of pubs across Norfolk.  

1. The Woolpack, Norwich

Eastern Daily Press: Should The Woolpack be held in the same regard as the Taj Mahal?Should The Woolpack be held in the same regard as the Taj Mahal? (Image: Newsquest)The Woolpack is often packed with people singing karaoke on Friday nights and watching sports over the weekend.

While it is clearly very popular, one visitor goes a step further and believes it should be as revered as the Great Wall of China or Machu Picchu.

In a review left on Tripadvisor, the pub superfan said: "This is my favourite place on Earth. 

"Indeed, it is the eighth wonder of the world. This is the only place I feel safe and supported to be myself.

"I wish this review was a joke but alas, this is truly an iconic venue. Visit, you'll never leave."  

2. Cross Keys, North Walsham

Eastern Daily Press: The Cross Keys is a charming country pubThe Cross Keys is a charming country pub (Image: Google Maps)

Dog-friendly pubs are becoming more and more common as diners get used to sharing their tables with their furry friends - but one patron took it a little too far.

"We had a lovely meal and a pleasant evening, with only fly in the ointment," one reviewer said for Cross Keys.

"A somewhat belligerent male customer came in to pay, and, in an attention-garnering manner, complained unnecessarily loudly that his dog's sausages were served cold.

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"I repeat, his complaint was that his dog's sausages were served cold.

"Each time his table had been asked if they were happy with their food, the staff were assured that everyone was happy.

"Everyone except the dog, apparently."

3. The Three Horseshoes, Briston

Eastern Daily Press: One Three Horseshoes patron wished for a little more potato on their plateOne Three Horseshoes patron wished for a little more potato on their plate (Image: Google Maps)

One reviewer for The Three Horseshoes in Briston was displeased at the lack of potatoes on their plate.

"The sandwich lunch could have been made so much more simple by just adding a few crisps or chips.

"Would've been a minimal cost."

There's no pleasing some people.

4. Louis Marchesi, Norwich

Eastern Daily Press: The Louis Marchesi in TomblandThe Louis Marchesi in Tombland (Image: Newsquest)

The Louis Marchesi knows how to party and one guest had the time of their life at an event.

When the music kicked in, he was soon dancing away, getting a kiss from a girl he had never met before and even forming a new "bromance".

They said: "At some point in the evening we gravitated to the main bar and oh my god, so glad we did.

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"The Friday night atmosphere was amazing. In no time at all the band had most of us upstairs bopping and singing along.

"I got a kiss from a girl I had never met and a random guy decided to have a bromance and sing Mustang Sally with me.

"Wifey said he's my new BFF."

5. The Fox at Lyng

Eastern Daily Press: The Fox had one rather puzzling reviewThe Fox had one rather puzzling review (Image: Newsquest)

Even in Lyng, the service is a hot topic.

"I was standing at the bar, the only person there," a reviewer said.

"The barmaid ignored me and decided to serve two other people, very rude."

The owner of The Fox at Lyng responded to this review with: "I am confused - if you were the only person there, how did we ignore you to serve other people?"

Good question.