Many Norwich folk don't have a bad word to say about our fine city or the landmarks which fill its streets - but some people are just impossible to please.

From Norwich Castle being described as not being a castle anymore, to the Cathedral being described as a theme park, here are seven hilariously harsh Tripadvisor reviews of Norfolk landmarks.

1. Norwich Cathedral

In recent years, Norwich's Norman Anglican Cathedral has been trying different ways to draw visitors in.

These have featured a giant helter-skelter and Dippy the dinosaur - but not all visitors have been a fan of the attractions.

Eastern Daily Press: Lunch break at Norwich CathedralLunch break at Norwich Cathedral (Image: Kate Wolstenholme)

"Not sure if I was entering a cathedral or a theme park. The place is cluttered with gift shops, cuddly toys, tv screens and big banners.

"Everything totally obscures anything historic. Having tea and cake on someone's grave in the cloisters didn't appeal to me either."

Another disappointed visitor remarked that the "building" looked "just like a concrete square building with no character".

2. Norwich Castle

Norwich Castle is steeped in history and offers an informative and fun day out for many - but apparently not all.

"Not really a castle anymore. Just a museum and not that engaging.

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich castle basking in sunshineNorwich castle basking in sunshine (Image: Newsquest)

"I was rather disappointed as the castle should have had more to say for itself."

Another visitor agreed, saying: "It was simply NOT A CASTLE. But definitely a con!", while someone else said: "Not much to see and has not changed much in the last 40 years when I was taken there when I was young."

3. Plantation Gardens

Not everyone has enjoyed their trip to the restored Victorian town garden located off Earlham Road.

"No wonder it's a secret.

Eastern Daily Press: Plantation Gardens, Earlham RoadPlantation Gardens, Earlham Road (Image: Newsquest)

"It was old and derelict, glass on the floor, youngsters smoking weed, no flowers bloomed, grass was dead and everything was covered with mesh."

Visiting the gardens in the winter was not recommended, seeing as nothing was growing. One visitor said: "I would love to see these gardens when they are in full bloom. I may not return to Norwich again in the future so I doubt I will see it.

"Other people's photos look good though. At present there are very few plants and on a dull day it was not at its best."

4. Norwich Market

Quickly becoming a thriving foodie destination in the city, Norwich Market's lack of too many other stools has disappointed many visitors.

"We found it to be a rather strange mix of foods and the odd stall. It was very tight and rather claustrophobic."

Eastern Daily Press: Norwich Market with City Hall behindNorwich Market with City Hall behind (Image: Denise Bradley)

"Terrible too many pigeons pooing and horrible chewing gum marks on the floor and chips and McDonald's and dog mess it's terrible."

"Unless you are hungry, I would spend your time doing something else around this great city."

5. Elm Hill

The historic cobbled lane street with many buildings dating back to the Tudor period hasn't appealed to everyone.

Eastern Daily Press: Elm Hill in NorwichElm Hill in Norwich (Image: John Dye)

"The buildings have a lot of charm, but essentially this is a small street of slightly niche shops, and not particularly an attraction in its own right.

"Whilst Elm Hill is undoubtedly of interest to historians and architectural students, it has very little to offer as a tourist attraction.

"Having visited just a few days ago, I can report that there are virtually no shops to visit."