Despite autumn getting under way, Saturday could be the hottest day of the year.

Earlier this week, the Met Office predicted temperatures would reach 32C, coming close to the 32.2C recorded on June 10 and 25.

But forecasters are now predicting that parts of the country could see highs of 33C on Saturday.

The UK Health Security Agency has issued an amber health alert for Norfolk until Sunday at 9pm which means healthcare professionals will be taking action to protect groups most at risk. 

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Eastern Daily Press: How long is the heat expected to last in Norfolk?How long is the heat expected to last in Norfolk? (Image: Denise Bradley)

There is also a chance of tropical nights, defined as having temperatures over 20C, with Wednesday and Thursday night threatening to break the September night time record of 21.7C.

But how long is the heat expected to last in Norfolk? Here is the latest weather forecast for the county.

Thursday, September 7

Thursday will be hot and humid with highs of 29C around 3pm, but it will feel closer to 33C.

Any morning coastal fog should dissipate by midday, leaving clear sunny skies all afternoon.

Friday, September 8

For most of the county, morning mists should clear by afternoon.

Temperatures will reach heights of 29C, feeling like 33C by 3pm.

Saturday, September 9

By 3pm temperatures are set to reach highs of 31C but it could feel more like 35C.

Light winds will be carried in from the south and southwest, and some mist may linger.

The chance of rain will increase as the weekend progresses.

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Eastern Daily Press: The chance of rain will increase as the weekend progresses.The chance of rain will increase as the weekend progresses. (Image: Denise Bradley)

Sunday, September 10

On Sunday, expect plenty of sunny spells scattered between rain and cloud.

There is a small chance of rain between 5pm and 7pm, but the temperature will stay hot at 30C.

Next week

Although Monday is set to stay hot at 28C, there is a strong chance of rain on Tuesday, which should see temperatures decline to the low 20Cs for the rest of the week.

This is just above the county's average September temperature of 18C.