A weather warning for heat has been put in place for Norfolk this week as temperatures are set to soar.

The UK Health Security Agency has put the yellow alert in place from 2pm today (September 4), until 9pm on Sunday, as the Met Office has declared a heatwave for most of the country.

A yellow warning from the UKHSA means it is likely there will be an increase in the use of healthcare services by the vulnerable and an increase in risk to the health of individuals over the age of 65 or those who have pre-existing medical conditions.

Temperatures may reach 28C today (September 4) but the warm weather is set to peak in the middle of the week. 

Wednesday (September 6) and Thursday (September 7) will see highs of around 29C, potentially reaching a maximum of 31C. 

The Met Office said there will be mist and fog in the early mornings, but this will not linger as the heat will cut through it.

Temperatures will start to drop over the weekend.