A Norwich man has embarked on a TikTok mission to teach people about safe pet practices - with a handful of cute puppy videos thrown in.

Liam Paws, 25, set up Norfolk Paws Breeding after falling in love with the French Bulldog breed. 

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His content has amassed hundreds of thousands of views, with his puppy videos capturing the hearts and imaginations of the public.

Liam also offers advice for any would-be breeders or people going to buy a French Bulldog puppy for the first time.

Eastern Daily Press: Jack Paws with one of his French Bulldog pets. Jack Paws with one of his French Bulldog pets. (Image: Jack Paws)

His videos advise new puppy owners on the difference between a 'health check' and 'health testing'.

In 2021, the Royal Veterinary College warned that "urgent intervention" was needed to reduce the high rate of health issues currently seen within the French Bulldog breed.

Liam said: "So many breeders are out to make a quick buck and they don't test their dogs properly.

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@norfolk.paws.breeding Replying to @katiesmith4763 Update For everyone 🥰🥰🥰 Thank you for for the support lastnight! Was incredible to share with you all and experience it with you all and i hope you all found it educational and emotional and heartfelt to watch🥹🥹 #norfolkpawsbreeding🐾 #npbbloodline🐾 #frenchies #frenchie #birthing #newmum #givenbirth #naturalbirth #naturalbirthing #newlitter #frenchbulldog #frenchielife #frenchiesoftiktok #frenchbulldogsoftiktok #frenchiepuppy #puppies #puppiesoftiktok #newbornpuppys ♬ Home - Edith Whiskers

"Anyone that breeds dogs should get all of their health panel testing, a visual test at the vets isn't enough. Dogs need to be tested for any genetic diseases that they may have.

"Also, they should be well socialised, given plenty of activities to do and be properly toilet trained."

Eastern Daily Press:

The breeder's first set of puppies for this year have just received their vaccinations and are ready to go to their new homes.

Liam has bought a plot of land near his house and plans to build a dog groomers and a fertility clinic there to expand his business.