He may be tiny in stature but a mouse from Norfolk has been gaining a big following on TikTok.

Martin Critchlow, who works for a scaffolding company in King's Lynn, is behind the social media account with 300,000 followers which features a remarkable family of tiny harvest mice.

Mr Jingles, named after a mouse who was befriended by inmates and guards in the Tom Hanks film Green Mile, is the star at the centre of it all. 


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Although Mr Critchlow only discovered TikTok a few months ago, he has delighted viewers who can't get enough of the Jingles family.

Videos on his TikTok account, which have had more than nine million likes, show Mr Jingles eating miniature versions of Mr Critchlow's meals including beans on toast and a Chinese takeaway.

In other videos, the tiny mouse accompanies the 55-year-old on days out to the beach and helps him with his weekly shopping at Tesco. 

Eastern Daily Press:

Mr Critchlow said: "If I'm out with them and put them in a tree, I'll put out my hand and they'll just climb back onto it.

"Not all harvest mice are tame but the tamest ones will happily sit on your shoulder and always come back to you."

The videos started when Mr Critchlow's 10-year-old nephew convinced him to start posting on TikTok.

He had never used the platform and admitted he is "not technology minded" and found it difficult at first to get used to it.

Eastern Daily Press: The Jingles family and Critchlow's family dogThe Jingles family and Critchlow's family dog (Image: library)

Although there is pressure to keep posting videos, Mr Critchlow is motivated by the positive feedback he gets from viewers.

He added: "I always thought my videos were rubbish compared to other people's but I started making these little videos and I watched the followers pour in.

"Most of my comments say I'm making a big difference to people so I can't stop with the videos now."

You can watch the adventures of Mr Jingles via @martincritchlow on TikTok.