21 photos showing the vibrant history of Regent Road in Great Yarmouth

Gt. Yarmouth -- EntertainmentCircus 1961 Season -- Elephants on Regent RoadDated 1961Pla

Elephants march down Regent Road on their way to the Hippodrome Circus in 1961. - Credit: Archant

It has bustled with tourists for decades, with pubs, restaurants, and novelty shops keeping punters entertained for hours, but what are your favourite memories of Regent Road in Great Yarmouth?

The street serves as the gateway to the town's Golden Mile, offering visitors a stick of rock at Docwra's Rock Shop or a novelty postcard at the Tickles joke shop.

In the 1960s, the street even became one of the first in the UK to feature a KFC restaurant.

In 1961, elephants were marched down the street on their way to the circus, while in later years the fire service was called to rescue a seagull that had become caught in the wires above the road.

One of the street's most-missed features is Louis Tussauds' infamous House of Wax and its misshapen models of famous people.

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