‘I don’t think farming needs marketing like this’ – Our readers react to local agriculture company’s use of models

PUBLISHED: 10:14 11 January 2019 | UPDATED: 14:09 11 January 2019

Agrifac managing director Andy Carse pictured in May 2018. Picture:

Agrifac managing director Andy Carse pictured in May 2018. Picture:

Agrifac UK has drawn criticism from some after it posted a photo of models hired to promote their brand online.

A social media row was sparked by the image, showing two models posing in form-fitting Agrifac branded dresses, and the East Anglian farm machinery supplier responded with a defence of its post.

A spokesperson for Agrifac said: “We did not get a single complaint at the show. To call the models ‘Barbie dolls’ was just awful. We employ women in our business and we believe in equal rights.”

However, some of our readers expressed offence at the concept of women being employed in a decorative role.

Website user CuriousCat said: “This is trying to use glamour and sex to sell industrial equipment - something that fit with the 1970s, but not today.

“Women should be seen as equal (or better than, in certain cases) men and not used gratuitously to sell something.”

Someone with the username Herb questioned Agrifac’s statement, saying: “If they believed in “equal rights” as they claim, they would not be defending their actions.”

While Colquhourn Sharon said they were “not offended”, they did add: “It is so dated. Is this the best they could come up with?”

Other readers were also quick to say they were not offended, but did express scepticism about the quality of the supplier’s marketing strategy and the relevance of the models to the industry.

One website user said: “Not really “skin tight” and I’m sure there is more skin on a Magic Mike poster. However I’m not sure what they have to do with the product so it is unnecessary. Wouldn’t consider it sexist, just crap marketing.”

Similarly, Peter Waller said: “I’m not convinced that the presence of ‘eye candy’ was other than utterly pointless on this particular occasion but nevertheless it is absolutely harmless and no one was forced to take part.”

Andrea Lynn Jarvey said: “I’m not offended I just don’t think farming needs marketing like this. Farmers are hard working they don’t need to have marketing like this, it’s condescending to them.”

Some readers, on the other hand, said they found the idea that anyone would find the use of models offensive itself frustrating.

One website user said: “Honestly, I despair. I seriously do not understand the world we live in anymore. I don’t want to offend people, I don’t believe in racism, sexism, sizism etc, but this isn’t sexist.”

Jonathan Seeley commented: “Must be awful being a jobbing model at the moment. Everything is being cancelled for them. Bet they are delighted by the way they are all being “liberated” by people that don’t even ask them about what they want to do.”

On Facebook Gillian Cornell said: “I’m not offended. It’s the OTT PC brigade that gets upset because of the snowflakes. If the women are happy to support the farmers in that way then great. I doubt anyone put a gun to their head and forced them to do it. Well done ladies, you look great.”

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