Work on banks begins at Thornham

Work on clearing vegetation from the seawall at Thornham starts on Monday .

Work on clearing vegetation from the sea wall at Thornham starts next week.

Tree and shrub roots undermine the banks, creating weak points which are more likely to breach in a flood.

Long grass stops the banks from being inspected properly, making it difficult to identify early signs of failure.

Thornham sea bank is part of a network of defences that run to Old Hunstanton.

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They protect 40 properties, numerous caravan and chalet parks and 424 hectares of land comprising of arable and pastoral farm land, a golf course and Holme nature reserve.

About a mile of it will be tackled by the Environment Agency, with the work expecting to last until the end of October.

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For safety reasons, there will be an alternative route for pedestrians which will be adjacent to the bank, along Staithe Road and along the front of the bank.

Nick Hesp, Norfolk operations delivery manager for the Environment Agency, said: 'We want to make sure that sea defences offer the best standard of flood protection.

'By doing this work now we will be able to more easily inspect our sea defences and ensure that, where necessary, we maintain them appropriately.'

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