Why an enterprise apprenticeship might help you, and teenagers worried about GCSE result!

Why an enterprise apprenticeship might help you

Why an enterprise apprenticeship might help you - Credit: Archant

The GCSE results will have focused many minds on the choice between the academic and vocational routes. Swarm Apprenticeships blends the two, using a fantastic enterprise qualification, goal setting and lots of practical business support. With a Swarm apprentice you know you get a return on investment because Swarm helps you measure it.

A Swarm apprenticeship is equivalent to A Levels. More importantly a Swarm apprentice graduates with evidence they have helped a business grow. The hope is that they remain with the businesses they've helped develop. But importantly, university is still an option.

Put simply, Swarm enables you to grow your business reliably and cost effectively. Furthermore Swarm enables you to grow the talent you need as our economy grows, new opportunities emerge and for some, planning exit and retirement becomes more important. One Swarm apprentice is already being groomed to take over the business so the owner can retire!

This new video, illustrates the power of Swarm. Yanni is a Swarm apprentice. Hear how she describes the opportunity Swarm is giving her. Hear how committed she is to make it work.

Lastly, video is a great illustration of the value of Chamber membership. We met both companies, Reg Energy and PubPal through the Chamber. The idea to shoot it resulted from working with Square Social, a Chamber introduction. And finally, the video itself was shot by Chamber members Lambda Films, introduced by Dave at Square Social.

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Take a look at the video; check out the website and see how it all came together. Swarm can give you young people, push and profit; the Chamber the network, inspiration and connections.

For more information on the Norfolk Chamber of Commerce and their business to business exhibition, visit www.edp24.co.uk/business/norfolk-chamber-of-commerce or www.norfolkchamber.co.uk.

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