Zero 7 with Jose Gonzalez and Sia Furler



It's hard to know who filling the UEA LCR has come to see ambient stalwart headliners Zero 7 and who has been drawn to man-of-the-moment Jose Gonzalez, the duo's latest protégé and unseen star of that TV advert with the myriad coloured balls dancing down a road.

Zero 7 aka the Mercury Music Prize-nominated two-man team Sam Hardaker and Henry Binns, are showcasing Gonzales for the first time following his appearance on four tracks of their third album, The Garden.

The Swede's soft, lazy vocals perfectly complement Zero 7's lush sound, and the duo are happy to let him steal the show, as a stunningly-upbeat yet still haunting version of the oft radio-played Crosses proves to be the biggest crowd-pleaser.

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Long time cohort Sia Furler, now seen as the invisible third person in Zero 7, completes the set, lulling the crowd to a place far away from the grey concrete of the UEA.

The show, like the new album, sees the duo take a more playful direction, whilst still maintaining their trademark chilled sound - a befitting start to the summer.

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