Work of a master print-maker

The Boat Imprint, by HJ Jackson @ the Grapevine Gallery, Norwich.

The Boat Imprint, by HJ Jackson @ the Grapevine Gallery, Adnams Wine Shop, Unthank Road, Norwich


H J Jackson (born 1938) celebrates 40 years of print making. At nine he won points for filling the school wall, his very first linocut illustrated a galleon in full sail (1953).

He was taught at Norwich School of Art by Geoffry Wales, a wood engraver, and produced his first pictorial print, The Station, Melton Constable, in 1958. Following two years' National Service, Jackson hitchhiked to London's Royal Society of Print Makers with East Coast Fishing Port rolled up under his arm.

Powerful linear drawing, a rich sense of colour, tone and a glorious decay, cement these boat images.

Fishermen's Gear (no 39) was printed using eight colours, but six blocks. The artist does not use a press, each colour with pin-hole registrations is burnished with the edge of a tobacco tin lubricated with fine waxed paper!

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Jackson creates magic with cobalt blue, scarlet, light chrome yellow, yellow ochre, white, and black; greens and apparent blacks are made by mixing. The use of yellow ochre to make soft shadows is masterful. Sixties' images are decoratively graphic later becoming topographic, they remain innovative.

The show runs 10am-7.30pm Monday and Saturday, until 6pm Tuesday and Thursday and 11am-4pm Sunday.

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