Who’s in the I’m a Celebrity 2017 line-up?

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Pictured: (L-R) Stanley Johnson, Dennis Wise, Shappi Khorsandi,

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here: Pictured: (L-R) Stanley Johnson, Dennis Wise, Shappi Khorsandi, Amir Khan, Jennie McAlpine, Vanessa White, Rebekah Vardy, Jack Maynard, Georgia Toffolo and Jamie Lomas(C) ITV - Credit: ITV

TV Editor Stacia Briggs finds out who we can vote to torture in the Australian jungle this year

I'm A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is back which can mean only one thing…it's time to see how many of the celebrity contestants we actually recognise.

The latest batch of camp-mates have been announced, and they are: Jennie McAlpine, Dennis Wise, Rebekah Vardy, Jack Maynard, Shappi Khorsandi, Amir Khan, Stanley Johnson, Vanessa White, Jamie Lomas and Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo. From names alone, I could manage to pick out most of them from a police line-up (just).

Last year's highlights included Carol Vorderman walking a plank over 300ft high in the air, Jordan Banjo and Larry Lamb's unlikely friendship, Adam Thomas's fear of spiders and Scarlett Moffatt being crowned Queen of the Jungle.

Let's meet this year's line-up (left to right) ahead of meeting them as they arrive in the jungle on Sunday. I am particularly looking forward to hard-man Amir Khan coming eye to eight-eyes with a spider and a certain famous politician's dad spilling the beans about his son after a touch too much fermented rice.

Name: Stanley Johnson

And he is? An environmental expert, novelist and former politician

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He says: 'Since I don't know who the other people are going to be, I am assuming I am going to be one of the younger competitors. I will try to help people my age or more. The second point is I hope I won't be too exhausted to make the odd joke. I do like adding a lighter tone into the proceedings. It's so hard to say what my role will be but I really want to pull my weight. I think one will have debates around the campfire. I certainly don't want to be the only one heard in particular. I am interested in hearing other people's voices.'

Interesting fact: He's Boris Johnson's Dad.

What does he think he'll miss most? His family.

Name: Dennis Wise

And he is? A retired footballer.

He says: 'I feel privileged to have been asked. My kids told me to do it. They were really excited. But some of my friends will think I am very mad doing this. They will get enjoyment out of it. John Franco and Vinnie Jones – I am sure they will have some fun on this! They will probably vote for me to do the trials knowing them!'

Interesting fact: He's claustrophobic.

What does he think he'll miss most? Freedom and his family.

Name: Shappi Khorsandi

And she is? A stand-up comedian.

She says: 'I don't know how I am going to cope without tea. I drink it all day. Tea is my life. I am OK with food and I've actually become a vegan over the last few months as I thought that would help me eat really simply in the jungle. But I definitely didn't wean myself off tea in the run-up. In fact it was the exact opposite. I drank stacks so I could build up a beautiful memory of drowning in tea before I went in. I had it so much because I wanted to have that memory to fantasise about.'

Interesting fact: Shappi is petrified of heights.

What does she think she'll miss most? Her family, cats, tea and music.

Name: Amir Khan

And he is? A former world champion and British boxer.

He says: 'I am one guy who hates spiders. Whenever I see a spider at home, I get my sister to move it. I just don't deal with it. I hope I don't come across any of them when I am in the jungle but I know I am going to. Will I scream? Yes definitely, but maybe this is the time where I face my phobias! I also hate snakes and heights too.'

Interesting fact: He has never seen I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. Oh dear.

What does he think he'll miss most? His family and his daughter.

Name: Jennie McAlpine

And she is? Fiz from Coronation Street

She says: 'I lost my Dad earlier this year and that was a big thing. But I knew he would have told me to do it. He always told me to do stuff and he always encouraged me. He kept saying 'Give it a go to find out if you are good enough or not'. And so that was a big part of it.'

Interesting fact: In real life, Jennie owns a restaurant, so she'll be happy to help out with the cooking.

What does she think she'll miss most? Her toddler son Albert, her husband, her kettle, the telly and the sofa.

Name: Vanessa White

And she is? A singer in pop group The Saturdays.

She says: 'I told the rest of the group just before I went to Australia. I kept it a secret for ages but I had to tell them in the end as I really wanted to. I just know they will vote for me to do the trials, as they will want to see me scream and shout. My family also think I am mad to do it and I guess you have no idea how you will react until you are in there but 100 per cent, yes, I do think I will learn new things about myself.'

Interesting fact: Vanessa first found fame on ITV singing competition Popstar to Operastar.

What does she think she'll miss most? Her phone and sugar.

Name: Rebekah Vardy

And she is? Married to Leicester City player Jamie Vardy

She says: 'I think everyone thinks of me as a Wag who never gets her hands dirty. It will be nice to show a different side. I am so excited but I've also been waking up in the middle of the night sweating and having nightmares about bugs crawling around my feet.'

Interesting fact: Her dream campmate would be Piers Morgan: 'I like he fact he's honest.'

What does she think she'll miss most? Her family and her phone.

Name: Jack Maynard

And he is? A YouTube vlogger. No, me neither

He says: 'We are the most famous people you've never heard of…One of the main reasons I am definitely doing it is to be the first YouTuber to go on a show that is so massive in this country. That is quite amazing. You can't get anything more high profile than this and it's going to lead to so many other great opportunities. I can't wait to find out what! To be the first vlogger is a game changer. Hopefully I can do the Internet proud.'

Interesting fact: He will celebrate his 23rd birthday in the camp.

What does he think he'll miss most? The internet.

Name: Georgia Toffolo.

And she is? A star from reality show Made in Chelsea.

She says: 'Social media is so demanding - I am really excited I won't have to do that and I am looking forward to not putting make-up on or having my hair done. I've been doing Made In Chelsea for four years now and everything is so fast-paced. I am looking forward to being away from that.. It's the first time in four years I am missing the big finale. I am missing the classic skating around the Natural History museum bit. But I am more excited about this adventure.'

Interesting fact: She has a link to Stanley Johnson: she worked for his daughter at The Lady magazine.

What does she think she'll miss most? Her family and food.

Name: Jamie Lomas.

And he is? An actor, most recently on soap Hollyoaks.

He says: 'I am going to really miss my children. That's going to be so difficult. I only told them a few days before I went away but they do love the show and one of the reasons for doing this is to make them proud. They've only seen their Dad as a bad man on TV and so it will be nice for them to see me on this. We all really love the show as a family.'

Interesting fact: Jamie is missing his brother's 50th birthday while in camp. One way to avoid paying for a round.

What does he think he'll miss most? His children.

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