West Norfolk Artists' Association

ALISON CROOSE St Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn (King's Lynn Festival)


St Nicholas' Chapel, King's Lynn (King's Lynn Festival)

Inspired by this year's celebrations of King's Lynn-born explorer Captain George Vancouver, WNAA chose Exploration as the theme for their sixth annual exhibition staged as a festival “umbrella” event.

The result is an absorbing display ranging from more traditional painting styles to the outright whacky.

The association's aim to actively promote artists is manifested in the way the selection process allows the work of relative novices to be presented alongside established exponents.

One newcomer, Kit Price-Moss, has won the award given in memory of the association's first chairman, Syd Davison, and earns an exhibition at Doric Arts in King Street.

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The chapel's space and light is used to good effect so the pictures, sculpture and ceramics can be fully appreciated.

Sculpture by Andrew Schumann and watercolours by John Hughes, both of whose work is recognised nationally, sets a high standard to be emulated.

Pictures by Joan Sandford Cook, Lindsey Bullock, Michael Smith, Joan Wooll and Sarah Bowett are among those creating interest with a variety of media and subjects.

Some pieces trigger smiling admiration such as Tom Sharp's Spaced Out installation and Yvonne Autie's Plastic Bag, one of several works linked to recycling issues.

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