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MARK NICHOLLS Thetford Forest


Thetford Forest

You always know what you are going to get with a Van Morrison concert - not much chat but back-to-back songs from the performer's colossal repertoire.

And thus it was at Thetford Forest on Saturday evening, an evening where the audience was able to enjoy the show in fine, clear weather as the sun went down, as opposed to concert-goers on previous nights who had endured damp, miserable showers.

Appearing on stage in a white panama hat, Van Morrison said hello to the audience and little else for the evening in a show which opened with A Wonderful Remark.

With Van featuring on saxophone for several pieces, there was a particularly laid-back jazzy feel to the songs in this set, with several presented in differing styles to the album tracks the audience had come to love. Have I Told You Lately, for example, was an up-tempo, upbeat version which didn't really work that well and the same for Bright Side of the Road.

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It was a night for listening to music in a relaxed setting, and there were some sumptuous picnics around as songs such as Domino, Moondance, When I'm Cleaning Windows and Days Like This followed on.

Also included were Jackie Wilson Said and Brown-Eyed Girl in a set that lasted about 90 minutes.

Yes, the performance was good, not great, but perhaps I am getting a little weary of the stage-style of Van Morrison and it's time for something more in a live show from the maestro.

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