Review: Turin Brakes put on a great show at Norwich’s Waterfront - we could just have done with a bit more of it

Turin Brakes at Norwich Waterfront on Sunday, October 14

Turin Brakes at Norwich Waterfront on Sunday, October 14 - Credit: Archant

David Powles really enjoyed Turin Brakes at Norwich Waterfront - but a one hour and 15 minute set seemed a little bit on the short side.

This really doesn't mean to come across as a negative review.

Turin Brakes we're fantastic at Norwich Waterfront on Sunday night. Tight, tender in the right places and much noisier than people give them credit for - but the problem is they just came and went a little bit too quickly.

A one hour 15 minute set can be expected if it's a new band on the block, but after almost two decades on the scene I expected a bit more from a band with eight albums under their belt.

It's not as if they haven't got the good songs - or the following to make it worthwhile.

The band have never really been part of the mainstream, yet they have impressively managed to rack up more than 1 million record sales worldwide and as such there's a decent crowd to see what they estimated to be there fifth visit to the venue.

Best known for their emotive, tug-at-the heartstrings tunes, live they have a much harder edge to them and it's clear that in their most recent record, Invisible Storm, they've stretched their musical legs a little.

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We're treated therefore to some of the old favourites, Future Boy, Underdog (Save Me), and a brilliant Painkiller, where lead singer Olly Knights' distinctive voice soars, intertwined with new songs where guitar and drum solos take over.

And they all work, they really do. The crowd laps it up, singing along, swaying and lots of hugging (you can definitely tell Turin Brakes are a band couples get into) at various points.

But we are definitely left wanting for more.