Thetford Forest

Thetford Forest

The gloomy wet weather was suitably set up for a band whose most famous lyrics ask “why does is always rain on me?”

Back in their heyday in 1999, Travis summoned the heavens to open while they performed their best-known hit as headline act at the Glastonbury festival.

But the ominous rain clouds held back last night as the Scottish group took centre stage at a soggy High Lodge, in Thetford Forest.

The weather was not quite picnic conditions, but it didn't stop 6,000 music fans enjoying Travis's first

live concert of a countrywide forest tour.

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Following a lively warm-up from indie rockers The Hours the main act ran through the crowd to the Rocky theme tune like welterweight boxers returning to claim their crown - much to the delight of the waterproof and wellie-clad onlookers.

The four-piece indie band, fronted by the thoroughly likeable and entertaining Fran Healy, had been away from the music scene for three years until they returned with their fifth studio album The Boy With No Name and a new UK tour in the spring.

Their new material, including Closer, which reached number 10 in the singles charts, My Eyes, and Eyes Wide Open follow the band's return to form of simple, sing-a-long, uplifting lyrics, and were well received by the crowd.

However, it was the old classics of Driftwood, Sing, Turn, and Writing to Reach You that many of the fans were waiting for, and Travis didn't disappoint.

Fran, Andy, Neil and Dougie seemed refreshed by their break away from touring, and their brand of bittersweet pop music was perfect for the intimate forest location of High Lodge.

The biggest applause and sing-a-long of course was reserved for Why Does It Always Rain on Me?, which fortunately did not signal a repeat of the day's earlier downpours.

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